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Genrik A. Nikolsky, the author

Genrik A. Nikolsky

In 1954 has ended radiophysic department of Physical faculty of the Leningrad State University.

Since 1958 the assistant, then senior teacher on the Atmospheric Physics department. In the further senior scientific employee and chief of sector of radiative energy of the Atmospheric Physics department of the Research Institute of Physics.

In 1961–1970 the chief and responsible performer of balloon ascent researches of radiative energy troposphere and bottom stratosphere.

With 1978 on 2004 the chief and responsible performer of field high-mountainous researches of variability of spectral radiation of the Sun and influences of solar activity on a climate (are begun on peak Cheget (3000 m) in 1978–1979). Having picked up place for natural laboratory, has organized on the Plateau Shadzhatmaz (2100 m) experimental station of the Research Institute of Physics.

With 1981, in commonwealth with Mountain Astronomical Station of the Main Astronomical Observatory RAS and Kislovodsk Mountain Research Station of the Institute of Atmospheric Physics RAS, has continued researches of mechanisms of solar influences on atmospheric processes.

The Ph.D. of physical and mathematical sciences. In WW2 participated in battle operations in structure of the Connections Twice Redbanner Baltic Fleet.

Is awarded with awards and medals (including: “For a defense of Leningrad” and “For storm of Konigsberg”).

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